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Typical Law – Protecting the All-natural Rights of Individuals

The Constitution on the United states is usually a frequent law document. It describes a Republic created to uphold the all-natural rights from the individual citizen along with the law in the land. Widespread Law derives its origin in the initial historical human rights declaration, the Magna Carta, signed by King John of England in 1215, which enshrines the fundamental freedoms of Life, Liberty and Home.

Typical law, also referred to as Organic or Constitutional law, is based on God’s law – the Ten Commandments plus the Golden Rule – “Do unto other individuals as you’d have them do unto you”. People are absolutely free to complete as they opt for so extended as they honor their contracts and don’t infringe on the life, liberty or home of somebody else.

The Constitution mentions 3 legal jurisdictions in which courts may well operate: Prevalent, Equity and Admiralty or Maritime Law. Frequent law is applied in civil cases as a implies of compensating someone for wrongful acts, referred to as torts, like each intentional and negligent torts, and resolving contract disputes.

A Widespread or civil law court can be a “Court of Record” whose proceedings are based on centuries of tradition, custom and precedent. It has an independent magistrate and conducts trials by jury. The law is easy to understand and is conveyed in language comprehensible to absolutely everyone. Individuals ‘present’ themselves and their case and counsel will not be expected to have a license. There should be an injured celebration to take any action, a person can’t be ‘compelled to perform’ and violation of Constitutional law is punishable as a criminal act.

“Statutory Law” came into existence in 1938 when all the prime American judges and US attorneys had been informed that, since the Usa had been declared bankrupt because 1933 and henceforth fully owned by its creditors (International bankers), the Congress, the Executive, the Judiciary and each of the State governments had been now beneath the manage of those creditors. All courts were instructed to operate below Admiralty law, and would be named ‘Statute jurisdiction’. Prior to 1938 the US Supreme Court dealt in Common and Public law. Following that date the Supreme Court dealt only with public policy in merchant admiralty law – the law of commerce.

Much with the original US constitutional law has been codified into Federal statute named the Uniform Industrial Code. The U.C.C. can be a standardized collection of guidelines that govern the law of commercial transactions. Common/Natural Law is recognized, complementary to, and enforced by the U.C.C.

The U.C.C. gives the person the mechanism to decide on involving Constitutional law jurisdiction and Statutory jurisdiction. In addition, it states that failure to produce a timely reservation of one’s frequent law rights leads to the loss of these rights, which can not be asserted at a later date.

Anytime you sign your name to anything, it becomes a contract, and if it has a serial number on it, it becomes a debt to the government. To retain your rights in frequent law, writing “without prejudice U.C.C. 1-207” with your signature signifies you reserve your suitable not be to compelled to perform beneath any contract or commercial agreement that was not entered into knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally.

Writing “without prejudice” above your name tends to make the document inadmissible inside a statute law court. It suggests you do not accept the liability on the compelled advantage of any unrevealed contract or industrial agreement. You retain your rights in common law that governs contracts, which states there must be an injured party. No injury, no case, case closed.

Jodie Slack is independent truth seeker. She believes access to data, resources and solutions to help heal the world’s wounds, and accepting private responsibility, may be the remedy to a lot of planetary ills. “Begin where you are. Perform from the ground up. The world can alter for the superior, 1 particular person at a time.”